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Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Big Fat Lies: Is Your Government Making you Fat? by Hannah Sutter

Food survey

According to a survey carried out by weight-loss specialists All About Weight, 64 per cent of Britons don't have time to lose weight. The organisation, dedicated to promoting the right attitudes towards food and lifestyle, conducted an online survey that produced 1,230 respondents, who showed that they had no time to diet or exercise because of their busy lifestyles (presumably they had enough time to halt their busy lifestyles to eat enough food to put on the weight in the first place). 38 per cent of respondents didn't have time to shop for healthy food choices (how does that differ from shopping for unhealthy food choices, I wonder?); 32 per cent blamed stress at work leading to the lure of convenience foods and 23 per cent blamed their busy lifestyles. 'Have you lapsed on a fitness programme in the last three months because of pressure on your time?' ticked 64 per cent of the boxes and 'lack of time to prepare healthy food choices at home' 40 per cent.

Now for the book

Now I can segue nicely to a book on this very subject written by diet lawyer Hannah Sutter who takes up the cudgel against the government, the NHS, the Food Standards Agency and 'numerous other associated authorities' to uncover 'a series of highly disturbing fictions that underpin government health policy and have implications for the weight and health of all of us.'

So, what's it about? Levels of obesity are said to be rising, despite the government's message to eat less fat, just eat less in general and to get more exercise. I haven't read Hannah's book myself yet but think it deserves a mention at this point, given the recent government 'obese vs fat' controversy and remembering that not everyone who qualifies for those labels are that way through eating too much or munching too many crisps.

Hannah Sutter
So far, Hannah's book has been well reviewed by her medical peers. Professor Iaian Broom, director of the Clinical Obesity Research Centre at Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen says: 'The metabolism of starch requires insulin and overproduction of insulin will result in fat accumulation. Big Fat Lies helps bring this message out from behind the cupboard and rightly answer questions and the whole emphasis on starch in our daily diet.' Award-winning writer, lecturer and broadcaster Dr John Briffa says, 'Big Fat Lies is a passionate polemic book challenging the anti-meat brigade and the nonsense that somehow cheap starch is good for us.' H'm, as a non-vegetarian member of the anti-meat brigade I'd like to know more about that.

Big Fat Lies is published by Infinite Ideas Ltd.

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