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Friday, 30 July 2010

NLP: Principles in Practice

Round about 1989, I read a book called Heart of the Mind by Connirae and Steve Andreas. It was about Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and it covered such life crises as having to respond resourcefully to criticism, asserting oneself respectfully, positive motivation, making decisions and dealing with disaster, all essential coping strategies for procrastinating writers. I still have it and dip into it occasionally. NLP expert Lisa Wake, who lives in Yorkshire has just released her latest book on this growing therapy.

A bit about the author

Lisa Wake was a nurse who moved into management before she left the NHS to launch her own business. Awaken Consulting & Training Services Ltd. She helps businesses grow by 'awakening greater possibilities and choice'. Lisa trained to be an NLP trainer and is now a Neuro-Linguistic psychotherapist as well as coach, facilitator, change agent, trainer, supervisor and mentor. In 2007, Lisa was awarded the status of Master Trainer of NLP because of her contributions, which included writing and developing NLP concepts.

Who will read the book?

In this book, Lisa reveals the tools, techniques and mythology behind NLP and the research that underpins it. "The book is designed to be read by a wide range of audiences," she said. "Currently...there are a number of universities offering undergraduate, postgraduate and doctorate programmes that include NLP either wholly or partially. Large organisations in the public and commercial sectors have adopted the principles and practices..." Since 2000, a 'considerable shift' has been noted in the teaching of NLP in management processes as a mainstream topic. "NLP has also been adapted and integrated into psychotherapy practice and is now a mainstream psychotherapy recognised by the UK Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP). Educational programmes are littered with some of the tools and techniques of NLP, with NLP being integrated from Government policy level down to grass roots," she said.

What's in it?

In the book, Lisa describes the various techniques, how they work and link back to the overarching theory and principles of NLP. Relevant literature supports or challenges the model. 'Each section then concludes with a recommended exercise to follow and examples of how the technique can be applied across a number of different contexts." Her client list is impressive and includes big business and NHS Trusts.

NLP: Principles in Practice is published by Ecademy Press in the UK. Lisa's website is at http://www.awakenconsulting.co.uk/

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