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Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Goatsmilk is good for you!

CONFESSIONS FROM CHUCKLING GOAT: How Kefir and Natural Remedies Saved my Husband's Life

The only thing we can truly be sure about is this moment. One day American radio talk show host, Shann Jones was pursuing a successful career as a news journalist and broadcaster in San Francisco, the next, aged 41 she'd fallen in love with a Welsh goat farmer. Well you would, wouldn't you?

From the city to the country, Shann soon adapted to sharing her life as Mrs Jones on Mr Jones's 25-acre goat farm in Wales. You couldn't write it could you?... But she did and this diary of Shann's life on the farm and all the challenges life consequently threw at her, forms the extraordinary, heart-warming story of what you can do when the chips are down.

How did it all come about?

While most people get a cat or three to keep them cheerful, Shann opted for a goat or herd. And how useful that was when their son Benji was hospitalised with a bronchial infection. For the raw goatsmilk cleared up his asthma in no time and his infection went. Not surprisingly, anyone with the initiative to collect a herd of pet goats for a hobby could only be expected to launch their own online business sooner or later. Now they sell healthy soaps, creams and probiotic kefir drinks made by hand on their farm.

Goats probiotic kefir heals superbugs

When husband, Richard caught a deadly superbug infection, Shann carried out extensive research on the Black Plague. She set to work on a combination of natural essential oils. Clinical laboratory trials have already proved that 'CG Oil' kills MRSA, e-coli and salmonella at a dilution of .05 per cent. Combined with Shann's homemade probiotic kefir, Richard's life was saved within two weeks, while doctors had already given up on him. Furthermore, the University of Cardiff and the Innovation Sector of the Welsh Assembly Government are working with the inimitable Joneses to develop further medical applications of antidote.

Latest developments

Recently, top London store Fortnum and Mason launched Chuckling Goat's Pro-Biotic Skin Care Range, followed by Tesco's Nutricentre, which sells all their products. On the farm, they produce raw goatsmilk and probiotic kefir, jojoba oil, macadamia oil, rice bran oil and healing essential oils. What began as a hobby and a few pet goats, is mushrooming into an entire industry and certainly a change of lifestyle for the family. 'We never asked for all these dramatic events to come our way,' said Shann. 'But it's amazing what you can come up with when the life of someone you love is at stake.'

Confessions from Chuckling Goat (pub. Chuckling Goat 2014. www.chucklinggoat.co.uk)

Shann's book is an inspiring read - it lurches from one crisis to the next like a well-structured novel, it's well-written and it certainly has emotional pull, like any good true life story. Another person might have given up but, as Shann says, it's amazing what love can do to you.

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Christine Ball said...

Agree whole-heartedly. This is an amazing and inspirational story.